Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top 10 Things I do on a Slow Work Day

10) Switch back and forth between work email and personal email, desperately hoping for a message of any kind and getting more and more depressed when nothing shows up.
9) Instant-Messaging Rachel with short repeated words at rapid-fire speed so that she will eventually hear her computer beeping as if its about to blow up and answer me.
8) Page the part-timer's office and then hang up on them after they answer, repeatedly.
7) Check every type of account I possibly have online (bank account, phone account, facebook account, rocky mountain power account, etc. etc. etc.)
6) Eat candy out of the bowl that sits directly in front of me, constantly brimming with every kind of candy bar.
5) Check my cell phone for any calls/texts and when there isn't anything, scroll down my list of contacts trying to find anyone I can possibly come up with an excuse to text a message to so that they'll return one to me. Then eat some more candy.
4) Go to the bathroom and take an extra long time washing my hands and fixing my hair and then slowly pulling out sheets of paper towels and letting my hands drip dry over them.
3) Sit in the part-timer's office and ask them how its going but don't respond when they answer so that they'll feel the need to keep explaining themselves.
2) Windex the desk, sanitize the phone and keyboard and mouse while eating more candy.
1) Make a blog post.


  1. Ha ha ha. Snort. That's so funny. I can just picture you doing those things. Hmmm... maybe I'll have to start sending you an e-mail a day to keep the boredom away.