Friday, March 25, 2011

13-year old Talent

I was going through some of my old stuff from middle school to make myself more grateful about how I never have to go through that time in my life again. And I found these old cartoon blocks that I made in seventh-grade on our home computer using window's paint. I used to really want to be a cartoonist until I learned that the majority of them end up homeless, so I took up art instead, go figure -I don't know. More artist are homeless than cartoonists, if they are even different categories. Anyway- having used Windows Paint recently after being used to the Adobe Suite, I have to say- I'm impressed with my 13-year old talent to manipulate that mouse!


  1. Those are hilarious Kimi! You were always talented. Did you make up the jokes too???

  2. Those are awesome. Especially doing them on Paint. You rock! Will you let me buy a book of cartoons?

  3. Lol- yes, they were my own jokes (which is why some of them don't make any sense) and they are highly influenced by FarSide. Anyway, Rachel you're welcome to have a "book" but there will only be these five. That's all I've got!