Monday, May 23, 2011

My New Bishop

All the student wards in SLC were torn apart and joined with the YSA wards this last month and are all starting at stage 0 together. I showed up my first day in my new ward and was surprised at how enthusiastic and energetic my new bishop was and how I felt like I was a part of a spiritual football team. Before long little things like "when I was speaking in Afghanistan..." or "when I was invited to Japan..." and we all began questioning each other at who this guy was. Then we had ward prayer at his home, which turned out to be enormously huge. We met in his basement which had photos all over the walls of him with somewhat familiar people like George Bush, Mohammed Ali, Shaun Connery, Jay Leno, Larry King, etc., etc. Then there were posters of him carrying the Olympic Torch, him on the cover of People and Time magazines, and him in a Raiders uniform. Who is this guy?!?!
So I googled him and found a lot of stuff:
Bishop Dan Clark. My ward must be in need of some serious help if we're assigned one of the word's top 10 motivational speakers to straighten us out. Right on! He might be almost as good of a bishop as my dad :)