Saturday, September 18, 2010


No more art classes for awhile, and besides they never gave me the pics from the last semester (which were lots better than those others ones. Anyway now my bachelor's career has turned into Psychology for various reasons, which, if you really care to know, I can tell you about. But, for the sake of not wanting to type boring things, I am going to leave it at that.
With that being left at that, my purpose for this blog (which was supposed to be art) is going to be changed into whatever I want whenever I want to post something. I guess that's what everyone else does, but still.
For starters, I saw Gandalf the Grey today as I was driving down the road. He looked a little more homesless than I remember him ever being in the movies, but that's something that ought to be blogged about. People need to know these things.
I also talked to Diane Keaton the other day at the gallery. It's true. Her secretary called me to ask if someone was available that she could discuss a certain peice of art and then she put her on the phone and I talked for awhile and then passed it on to the gallery owner to finish up the deal. Her name meant nothing to me while I was talking to her, but the gallery owner and many others have convinced me that's she's a big deal. Yet another thing that people ought to know about.
And, just because people never read blogs unless you have a picture to go with whatever you're saying (at least I don't), here is a picture:

Meet Rory :) Dogs don't get any better than this one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After a year and a half I got sick again and ended up energy-less and marooned on my bed with a mucus brain and frog-throat and figured it was a golden opportunity to update my blog.

Here's what I've spent the last year working on: 3D design, the class I had to retake at the U because I threw everything away from the Snow College class. If you're wondering why I threw it all away just take a look at all the random junk they have you make in the following photos. I'd love to tell you that I learned my lesson this time around, but I've thrown everything from this class away too. On the plus side, I now know how to weld, use power wood tools, bend, roll, and cut sheet metal, fire a kiln, and use a blue print plotter machine. I also ended up buying a power drill. I spent hours and hours and hours on these things and never really succeeded in making anything above junk yard level. Haha, guess my brain is strictly 2D:)

First project: Make a look-a-like sculpture out of really oily, sharp and hardly bendable wire of something. I chose the space needle, which ended up looking more like a lollipop so I stuck with that.
Then we had to morph the shape into something more design-oriented and then change that shape into something even more design oriented. (The order they are in the picture goes: 3, 1, 2).
I hated this project and I have scars to show for it.

ooookay, so I guess on blogger you can only post one picture at a time. Lame.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Second Project we had to use a blue print plotter to make our own origami designs out of one sheet of poster board and then apply the use of black and white to "enhance the appearance of the design." Mine's kind of a checker-board, target looking thing. The photos on top are the front and back views. Then we had to place it into a setting that enhanced the design even more- hence the checkered room.
OK, so project #3 we had to use styro-foam so we could contribute to slowly killing the planet, because contrary to common belief, art students/departments are as anti-green as you can get on most campuses. Anyway, we used styro-foam (which I have no idea how to spell) and the use of light to create focal points. I had little holes in each hand carved-foam-still-being-found-in-random-piles-throughout-the-apartment disks which direct the light down to the "pin point" ball at the bottom. The pictures aren't that great, but it kind of had a cool effect when all was said and done.
This one has my blood on it- literally. This started out as a 6 foot by 8 foot sheet of ....sheet metal. To cut it I had to jump with my whole body on this huge foot pedal, over and over and over and over and over and over again. Got very tired. Then I had hundreds of these really long swords- kind of like tons of cut-co knives without the handles and 30x longer than usual, which I had to bend, twist, and shape each individually. I was wearing some heavy duty rubber gloves, but they lasted a whole 10 minutes before getting completely sliced through. I had a Utes band-aid on my palm, a skin-colored one on my thumb, a My Little Pony band-aid on my middle finger, and a flourescent yellow patch on my other palm at one point. Everyone else was smarter and made big, bold, simple shapes out of their sheets of metal. Anyway- I call it "the claw"...among other *edited* things .
Ok, so this was the last of the projects for the first semester. Seriously, it was the weirdest assignment I've ever had but definitely stretched those little brain cells. We had to think of a part of our body and make a sculpture that you could attach to it that would exaggerate the movement of that body part. Make sense? Then we had to make a movie of us moving with the sculpture and making a "mark" with it. We were studying artists that sell their art solely from the process of making it rather than the product itself. ANYWAY, this took a lot of redoing and redoing and very swollen eyes in the end, but this is the finished work. Sacrifice for, you know?