Sunday, April 17, 2011

If anyone has the chance to see this guy in concert it's amazing!! It's like Bob Marley and ...Dave Matthews (who I don't like) and someone else that's really really really talented at the guitar all put together. This video doesn't do him justice, you have to see it live. Anyway, I'm a new huge fan!

KALAI -Reggae Local Artist

Friday, April 15, 2011

My House

This is my art/music studio.

Family Room & Bedroom

Personal Pet Room

My storage Room

The Pantry

The Dining Room (and Henry the Orchid!)

The Kitchen

The Lady's Room

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Ever since I got my dog, Rory, I have received several comments of others having doomsday pity parties because they are allergic and therefore cannot ever have a dog :( Sad, right? Whatever. There is a solution, and since 80% of my readers (hi guys!) are allergic to dogs, I thought I would do you all a huge favor and give you some options to work with. ....okay, it was a slow work day, but nonetheless- check them out: 
The Hypoallergenic Dogs:

 PUREBREDS (run a little pricey) some are the ugliest dogs I've ever seen (esp. the Irish Water Spaniel, which reminds me a little too much of my 2nd grade teacher), but most aren't all that bad. Everyone likes Scottie Dogs, right? The coolest one, I think, is the dreadlocks dog that's like a huge mop with eyes- the Puli Dogs. For a good time, you should google pics of them jumping, it's funny.

For the more price-efficient, (and cuter) I looked up a few mix-breeds. Keep in mind they are not limited in any way to this selection. I mostly looked up a few version of weiner dogs and jack russells (something you can all relate to, lol). So, a few look really screwed up, but others are pretty cute.

I think the labradoodle is the cutest one, personally, and I don't know about that walrus of a thing that's supposed to be a schnauzer-dachshund mix. Gross.