Monday, June 21, 2010

Ok, so this was the last of the projects for the first semester. Seriously, it was the weirdest assignment I've ever had but definitely stretched those little brain cells. We had to think of a part of our body and make a sculpture that you could attach to it that would exaggerate the movement of that body part. Make sense? Then we had to make a movie of us moving with the sculpture and making a "mark" with it. We were studying artists that sell their art solely from the process of making it rather than the product itself. ANYWAY, this took a lot of redoing and redoing and very swollen eyes in the end, but this is the finished work. Sacrifice for, you know?


  1. Thanks Kimi for showing us what you have made this semester. It is still a strange class, but but to see what you came up with. However there is no video on this last one. I would still like to see it!
    I love you!