Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After a year and a half I got sick again and ended up energy-less and marooned on my bed with a mucus brain and frog-throat and figured it was a golden opportunity to update my blog.

Here's what I've spent the last year working on: 3D design, the class I had to retake at the U because I threw everything away from the Snow College class. If you're wondering why I threw it all away just take a look at all the random junk they have you make in the following photos. I'd love to tell you that I learned my lesson this time around, but I've thrown everything from this class away too. On the plus side, I now know how to weld, use power wood tools, bend, roll, and cut sheet metal, fire a kiln, and use a blue print plotter machine. I also ended up buying a power drill. I spent hours and hours and hours on these things and never really succeeded in making anything above junk yard level. Haha, guess my brain is strictly 2D:)

First project: Make a look-a-like sculpture out of really oily, sharp and hardly bendable wire of something. I chose the space needle, which ended up looking more like a lollipop so I stuck with that.
Then we had to morph the shape into something more design-oriented and then change that shape into something even more design oriented. (The order they are in the picture goes: 3, 1, 2).
I hated this project and I have scars to show for it.

ooookay, so I guess on blogger you can only post one picture at a time. Lame.

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