Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Portfolio In the Making

Here's a link for the portfolio in the making. http://picasaweb.google.com/kjcannon/WazzagoninaPortfolio# You guys inspired more than you think...I promise. Anyway, I'm in the narrowing-down process right now. I can only have 10 pieces and 2 have to be still-lifes. Any input would be very appreciated! Sorry for some reason blogger won't let me put the slide show on here and I don't have any time to sit and figure it out. Love you all!


  1. wow kimi! I like:) I'm trying to figure out which ones were inspired by the photo contest...
    My favorites are the simple curvy animal sketches, the paris paintings and the grandma-esque watercolor of flowers.

  2. They were allll inspired by the photo contest.... (shifty eyes). Haha, no- this portfolio, sorry to say, isn't all I wanted it to be. However, I'm still planning on using the photo contest for an example in my artist statement and thesis. So don't feel used and overlooked or anything ;)