Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Final Results!!!

The contest is finally over! Thanks to all who participated, whether you knew you were or not. The winning photo was by Rachel Whitchurch, "The Wyoming T God." Second runner up, Melissa Hislop, "Twisted." The vote was very close, and rumor has it; "Twisted" was actually in the lead up until the last 55 minutes of the toll when Missy texted Rachel to inform her it was almost over and she was winning. During the next 55 minutes the vote for "T God" rose dramatically above "Twisted" resulting in its victory. As usual, Missy cheated to help her opponents and ended up losing when all was said and done. "Past examples of the same behavior have been seen in Life, Risk, and especially Monopoly," one witness testifies. However, because she somehow managed to pull everyone's heart strings in pulling it off, Missy will be receiving a prize as well. Congratulations to both Rachel and Melissa!


  1. Hey, I never cheated in Risk. I always lost whether I was trying to or not.

  2. Wahoo! Winning is fun! Although my favorite is still, "Death on my stairs"...