Thursday, February 27, 2014


For one of my classes I was asked to post on my blog about my stance going into a teaching career, so here it is:
Originally pursuing a career in psychology and earning a Bachelor's degree was such a ride and there were so many concepts within that field that I felt, and still feel, strongly about. I have always wanted to understand people better and why we do the things we do. However, a bigger part of what I wanted was to help people to see their value and learn that they have a choice in change. Upon looking into clinical, school counseling, and other forms of psychology I surprised myself by realizing that a school teacher was actually exactly what I wanted to do and for which I felt the most passion. I am now fully emerged into the Elementary Education program at USU and absolutely loving it. I see so much lacking in our education system and in our community in general for supporting our young children growing up in society. Unfortunately the majority of them appear to not have even a fighting chance when it comes to their support outside of school teachers. It feels like being in the front lines of a battle- where one person in those children's lives has the chance to teach them what it takes to take control of their lives regardless of circumstance. I hope to be that kind of teacher; to never stop seeing the value in these children; to never give up on any of them. Disappointments, tremendous anxiety, and false judgements seem to pave the entire pathway of the teachers I have had the privilege to observe- but through it all they still firmly believe in the cause they are undertaking in teaching the youth of today. They are soldiers and I hope I can be at least half as strong as they are.


  1. This is awesome. You are awesome. The world needs teachers like you.

  2. Great writing to express your feelings. I know you will be a wonderful teacher who will truly care!