Thursday, October 27, 2011


A large majority of my readers- 50% actually (Rachel and Emily) requested that I post something. I've already blogged about my dog, my apartment, my job, my're all going to branch out.

My herbs:

For Mother's Day this year Mom gave all the girls herb seeds with planter pots. The first step was to get dirt. Sounds simple? Walmart has a full 2 aisles FULL of different kinds of dirt. Whether your plants need that special fiber that comes from cow manure (I just learned how to spell manure) or that extra little kick that ground up rats and worms give it, Walmart has it. And none of those wimpy regular sized bags of dirt either. We're talking 20-30 pounds of home-grown and cultivated stuff. I opted for the dirt that came in the smallest bag with a flower on the front.
The next step is putting the dirt into the pot things. That took me 4 months. In the mean time the large bag of dirt served as a good insulator against the smoke/noise that comes through the vent from neighbors.
Last- you have to find a thing to put the potting things in so that water doesn't leak all over. DI is an excellent source for oblong....plant holder dishes. Mine was 75 cents, plus tax.
Two months ago I finally put the herbs in the window sill, watered, and in the sunlight. One day later they were already shooting up. Two days later they were an inch tall. One week later they needed mowing.
Last week (after weeks of careless mowing of herbs) I finally got brave and tried eating it. I mixed it into some tuna for a sandwich and it actually tasted good! I think I have cilantro, parsley, and onion sprouts.
Anyway, I highly recommend the growing of herbs in one's home. It makes me feel good to know that I can keep an herb alive. It also provides oxygen if you look at the carbon cycle.
And.....there you have it. Till next time, faithful readers. Love you!!!!


  1. Oh happy day!!! A post!!! I loved it- and your descriptions are so funny. I'm still on step 1 of the process. I've been to Walmart a number of times for dirt, but I only need a handful and they give you SO much that I haven't bought any yet... but I really want fresh herbs. Thanks for the motivation. When I get home it's off to Walmart... again!

  2. How fun that you did plant and grow herbs. So proud of you!!!

  3. I feel like a big slacker now. I really do use herbs a lot in my cooking (except basil now...sigh) but my herb seeds from mom still haven't made it out of the sack and into dirt that I already own sitting on my neglacted back porch but instead are keeping my "hibernating" amaryllis company in a heap by my back door. yup. that's me, Gardener extraordinaire!