Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rory (AKA: Rorsworth)

Don't let the big innocent eyes fool you. I've seen this thing rip the eyes out and pop off a head to completely de-gut three stuffed animals within five minutes before. I have/had a new shag rug for my new apartment and within two weeks she dug three big holes into the middle of it. I first super glued the yarn back into place, she dug it up. Then I sewed the yarn onto a separate cloth and super-glued that into place, she dug it up. Then I sewed and super-glued the yarn to leather and nailed it to my wood floor (not the first holes, don't worry), and it didn't even phase her. Eventually I had to cut the rug in half and stack it. Since she has an unparalleled fear of hard floors she lost a lot of moving space and I think finally learned the lesson. No holes have been dug in the rug since. 
Anyway, despite her terrorism, she is a complete angel and can always make me laugh. She's absolutely hilarious, and I'm so grateful for her fabulous spirit.

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  1. Such a cute puppy and it's so funny that she is still scared of non-carpeted spaces. We need to get you a more recent picture though:)